Plant your Soul with Soul Poles…


Soul Poles is a company with a clear mission. A mission that stems from a simple the simple fact that if there is no snow, then there is no skiing. This is a fact that is being dictated by global warming, and has thus inspired Soul’s single focus: “Innovate the greenest equipment in the snow sports industry by merging sustainable design with uncompromising performance and truly original style.” 


The company is founded by former U.S Ski Team racers, and all their poles are hand made in Park City, Utah. They are based there to provide local employment, and to curb the emissions that contribute to climate change that are threatening our snowy slopes! They use the most eco-friendly resources as possible, the end result is not only a functional ski pole but also a work of art.

You can go for an original soul pole, with a classic vintage look. Or, you may be more of the torched soul -for souls who want a pole without flashy colors yet something more than the natural bamboo look. make a statement sans color with the torched pole. If you are more in to colour then the vibrant soul is the pole for you. The limited edition soul pole is for the art collecting soul who wishes to stand apart from the crowd with a piece of functional art. designed and hand-painted by contemporary artist r. nelson parrish. Click on the Colour Theory tab on the website to read a fantastic essay on R. Nelson Parrish by the Los Angeles Times Art Critic, David Pagel. Pick a ready made design, or customise and grow your own, either way you’ll be one of a kind with a pair of soul poles on the mountain.


Soul Poles is a beautiful company, with beautiful products and design. Their website is well worth a look. Unique, original and environmentally friendly – a rare find.


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