Black Milk – juxtaposition by name, juxtaposition by nature!

Although I could not be further from anywhere that would require me to have a ridiculously expensive swimming costume, it does not stop me from lusting after these amazing suits from Black Milk Clothing. The prints by this company are just fantastic, nothing is too extravagant. There is no less is more when it comes to these designs, more is just, well, better!! So if you want to stand out in the crowd and having something very unusual head over to their website and take a look at all their products. They will look great at a festival, on a beach or tucked in jeans, leggings or shorts. Although rather pricey at $90 Australian dollars, you know you’re getting something unique and original. You won’t see too many Top Shop clones strutting around in one of these this summer! And, if you team up with a pal you’ll get free postage – winner winner chicken dinner!!









If you’re not sold by pure design, check out the history of the company, told in story book format. Here is a snippet to entice you to take a peek:

“Our story starts a long time ago in a little yellow house, outside an unusually loud train station, surrounded by mango trees in Brisbane, Australia. I was broke and working odd jobs here and there in order to achieve my financial goals, which included such grand ambitions such as…paying rent. And buying noodles.
Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t particularly good at anything so I just got work wherever I could.
Then one day when I was unusually bored, I decided that I wanted to do something…with my hands. Most people would have bought a guitar, or a bag of golf clubs, but I…I bought a sewing machine (pretty random, I know). To this day I’m not sure why I did it. I just wanted to…sew something! (Yep, still sounds strange…)
Of course, being broke I couldn’t afford a sewing machine, so I took my CD player (!) to the local pawnshop and got a little cash for it. And that is how I bought my first sewing machine. Of course, I had absolutely no idea how to use it, but I didn’t care. I would just have to figure it out! That was all part of the adventure. Next step – fabric…”
Click on the ‘About’ section online to finish the start up tale of Black Milk Clothing.
If, like me, you’re trapped within a winter wonderland, and a swimming costume just isn’t quite on your radar screen yet then check out their legging collection. Similar fabrics and prints to the swimsuits, these leggings are not for the feint of heart! Their collection is HUGE! From lord of the rings, to galaxy prints, to skulls and skeletons, to star wars…you name it and they’ve got it! The real problem is deciding which ones to pick!!
Head over to their website to see all their fabulous

Maybe try a cheeky catsuit is you’re feeling really brave!ScribbleCatsuit_02_1024x1024


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