First chair to last call – sound like a brand you could relate to?

Special Blend sprung to life 21 years ago, and since then it has designed outerwear garments that are comfortable whilst keeping you protected from the winter elements. They have produced some of the most progressive snowboarding gear to date, always coming up with original and innovative designs. ”The last twenty-one years has been a complete blur of riding, traveling, partying, new tricks, new friends, new designs, and way too many drinks.” It is with their latest 2013 collection that Special Blend have stayed true to their original vision more than ever before, focused on bringing today’s street wear trends to life in the snow.


The Blow jacket is clean cut and beautifully made. A cross between a mac and a parker, this elegant jacket would make anyone look seriously cool and classy out on the mountain. The neutral tones means it will not only look good in resort, but also it a jacket that could be worn at home in the city. The beauty of this jacket is in the simplistic detail, the cheeky side zip, the badge and the special blend buttons. You can see the jacket in action in the video below. I dare you not to be tempted to buy one! Dedicated to riders who enjoy top shelf quality.

Picture 4


If you feel the cold, and like to feel like you have never left your bed and you’re still wrapped up in your duvet, then you have got try the Special Blend True jacket. Quilted with synthetic down, you’ll feel as snug as a bug in a rug as the winter winds howl around you on the chairlift. There are a lot of puffer style jackets around, but you have to be a bit careful as they can make you look boarder line 90’s chav. This jacket is the right length and good enough quality to avoid any confusion. Simple in design, yet highly effective and above all else seriously warm.


Similar to the Nike jacket i featured in my blog post last week, Special Blend has also done a baseball style jacket called Bronx. I love the elasticated striped bottom and cuffs on this jacket, it immediately sets the tone of style the wearer is looking for. I spotted a girl wearing a similar girls version out here in Tignes.


The contrasting sleeves and body of the jacket look fantastic. Whilst i do not usually like being able to see what design or label a garment is, i think the special blend badge works really well on this jacket. It almost looks like a Special Blend letterman jacket, a classic example of bringing the sports luxe trend seen on the catwalks to life in the mountains. It’s her use of accessories, aka goggles, hat, boots and bindings that truly brings this outfit together. Her gold lenses are seriously cool, and the way her boots match her boarding pants shows that this girl really knows her style.

Whilst a lot of the designs I have picked out have been in understated neutral tones, there are also some brighter and more lively styles if you like to be seen coming down the mountain! The Shank jacket looks really great in the yellow and gun metal grey colour way. With tapered seams and deep pockets, this is a bright yet classy jacket.


With 21 years experience and a great track record, it’s no wonder that the latest collection from Special Blend is really fantastic. They have gone from strength to strength and have truly peaked in the style stakes, lets hope they can keep it up for next season! Check out the full 2013 collection at: – they have a list of dealers on their website, click on them to find a website you can purchase from.


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