NIKE – king of sporting brands

When it comes to sport Nike is a brand that one immediately thinks of. Sponsors of countless teams, and the master of the technicalities that come hand in hand with designing sportswear. Nike is king of sporting brands. That considered, it was only a matter of time before they took on the ski and snowboarding world. And, boy oh boy have they done it with style!


Their boots are just as cool as their trainers. They look like a slightly swollen high top – in a good way!!  Similar to their trainers, there is a chance to custom ID them. Nike have rethought what boots can be, style and functionality combined to bring you only the best. However, they come at a fairly pricey price! But you can’t put a price on style can you?


Their jackets have a slight urban edge to their design. I have seen some fantastic Nike jackets on the mountain, you can spot their sleek cut from a mile away. Up close the quality does not let you down. A number of the jackets are lined in down, making them very warm in these freezing temperatures. Many of the designs allow for layers to be easily worn underneath, whilst not compromising on style. The colour palette is fairly neutral, sophisticated and understated.




The Hazed jacket is a particular style that i have seen on the mountain a lot. With it’s baseball feel, it is bang on trend with this seasons theme. Although it is in the Mens collection, i think it would look equally great on girls. That’s the great thing about Nike, the girls can definitely pull off the menswear!


Karl rocking the Hazed jacket out here in Tignes – all the gear and no idea!! Just kidding, he boards just as stylishly as he dresses. If you want a brand that has technicality as well as style then Nike will not disappoint. Head over to the Nike website to check out the full collection, and check out the Nike athlete snow team for photos, videos and bios. It’s well worth taking a look at the global pro’s.


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