CLWR – get with the swedish lifestyle programme…

Colour Wear is a Swedish lifestyle brand that has been influenced by the streets to create functional and practical garments. Street elements are crossed with function to produce a raw and rider tailored line of clothing. “CLWR brings street style and attitude to the mountain and the demands and functionality of the mountains to the streets.”


The flawless scandinavian design allows this brand to transfer seamlessly from the streets to the mountains, and vice versa. Too many snow brands only look great on the piste, and when you’re paying a lot of money for a jacket you want to get a lot of wear out of it. Colour Wear is unique in taking street culture and turning it in to a fantastic product on the hill.


I’ve seen a lot of this up and coming brand on the mountain, and everyone has looked great in it. The designs are clean and simple, a refreshing change from the garish neons and patterns that have been around for a while. I spotted this guy outside the Maison de Tignes – the red anorak looks great both on the slopes and would be able to be worn in the city, how many ski jackets would look good in London!?


I haven’t taken my Colour Wear jacket off since i’ve got it! Check out the Colour Wear family on their website, they’ve sponsored some really great talent. They all believe in the brand and want it to be a great success, making street wear affordable, accessible and technical. This small brand is doing great things and is on the rise, and is one to look out for and follow.



Check out the full collection at:


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