Ones to watch – Billy Morgan

Ski Sunday is about to begin once again, and they have already started to look at the talent that Britain has to offer at the Sochi winter olympics in 2014. Snowboarder, Billy Morgan, is the first to be featured on the show. This young snowboarder is hoping to compete in a new event, an event called slopestyle. This involves the rider completing a course filled with a variety of rails, kickers and jumps. Their aim is to perform as many complicated tricks as possible. Slopestyle is one of the most popular events at the X Games, and now that it has been added to the winter olympics there will be fierce competition for the slopestyle medals.




Morgan has a fighting shot at getting one of those medals for he recently won the London Freeze big air competition, is one of the only boarders to land a triple rodeo, and came second in his heat during the qualification round.

When competing in an event called ‘slopestyle’, it’s essential that you look the part. Although the actual event is judged on the riders talent, it can’t hurt to look the part as well. With big name sponsors such as Quicksilver and Ride Snowboards behind him, there is no doubt that Billy will look damn cool out there – we just have to hope that he will ride as good as he looks. No pressure Billy…!


Watch Billy’s ski sunday interview here:





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