Skirt on the Slopes, What were you thinking…?!

This blog not only captures all the fantastic fashion on the slopes, but the fashion disasters as well. This little number was spotted at the bottom of a chairlift in Tignes last week, and I am not entirely sure what look she was going for…! Since when is it okay to wear what appears to either be a skirt, or a coat with the arms cut off and sewn up, whilst snowboarding.


After taking a cheeky snap of this contraption I then proceeded to witness this skirt/dress in action whilst it’s owner boarded down the piste. One thing quickly came to fruition, and that was that it’s not the most practical of garments – the wind was flapping it everywhere! I’m not entirely sure what she had on underneath it, I am hoping some form of waterproof trouser and not just her thermals. So there you have it folks – don’t wear bin-bag skirts whilst on the mountain, they are not technically practical and they most definitely do not look cool…


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