Dirty London

If you are not a suit wearer, don’t like rule makers and like to stick it to the naysayers, then the independent urban brand Dirty London will be right up your street. They say that their clothes are for the risk takers in life, the rule breakers, the over achievers and the self believers. Their clothing is provocative and thought provoking – exactly what we need in a society that is dressed in a uniform for the majority of their lives. And, if you’re lucky enough to be in an industry that does not dictate what you wear, Dirty London will bring a unique and contemporary edge to your wardrobe.


The graphics are spooky and eery, and the text adheres to the company ethos – ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ and ‘It’s better to burn out than fade away’ – t shirts for the over achiever perhaps?



My personal favourite is the t shirt below – a motto I consider to be very apt for my lifestyle right now, ‘We will never be as young as we are right now’.



If you like the graphics of this edgy brand and believe in their way of life, then indulge and add some of their designs to your wardrobe. It’s rare to find a brand that has a lifestyle to believe in – support Dirty London, who believe they are the heart of the city. Shop the complete collection at:



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