If you’re going to go, you’ve got to GO PRO…

A digital camera is just not enough these days. As action sports have become more popular and accessible, a market has opened for a device that records every hair raising moment! The Go Pro camera is that very device. Everywhere I turn on the mountain I’ve seen one strapped to helmets or skis – on little boy racers, freestyle park skiers or families on holidays. These cameras are taking holiday snaps to a whole new level and they are a sure way to make everyone stuck at home very jealous of the incredible time you’re having!



The various different mounts allow you to put the Go Pro anywhere – helmets, skis, surf boards, cars, boats, scuba diving…the list goes on! The waterproof case let’s it go under water, capturing moments you wouldn’t have ever thought possible, at angles you’ve never dreamed of. The Go Pro has redefined the digital video camera, both recording and taking photographs. These little devices will make you look like a pro in every activity, and brings the true professionals moments directly to your screen. Although a little on the pricey side, these cameras are well worth the money. They will record memories you never thought you would be able to have – priceless. If you’re not convinced enough to part with the hard cash, then rent one – they are available to rent in most ski shops these days – perfect for that blue bird ski day on your week long holiday.

Take a walk on the wild side and become the extreme sports man or woman you’ve always dreamed of!




Shop for you Go Pro and the various mounts available at:



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