Creature of Customisation – One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

I love nothing more than a cheeky bit of customisation. I am constantly seeing items of clothing that I like, but would love them even more if they were jazzed up a wee bit! And, the most satisfying thing is when you find an absolute bargain in a charity shop and customise it in to an absolute treasure. You know what they say – one mans rubbish is another mans treasure!


I found this original Levi’s denim shirt at a Italian flea market in a tiny village in the countryside – it was about 50p! I think it’s a child size but I just about manage to fit in to it! The fabric on the patches is my favourite fabric, but there was only a scrap piece left so I have been using it very wisely and sparingly! The LEE shorts were found by my mum in a charity shop for £1 – they used to a very big pair of jeans but were swiftly turned in to patchwork shorts. Again, the fabric was sourced from the same place as before – my mum said one of her first holidays abroad was to a beach resort in the 70’s that looked uncannily like the one on the fabric!



The striped top is from H&M and I just added a but of skull magic by sewing a skull patchwork pocket on to it. The necklace is from Primark – I’ve been wearing it with everything! And, the skull is actually a money box – an early christmas present from my brother and a excellent prop! You can buy it in gold, white or silver from Urban Outfitters.


Get a bit creative and go custom crazy! If you can’t sew yourself, find a friend or a relative who can and persuade them to be your seamstress (my mum helps me with mine!) And, don’t just stop at clothes – be adventurous and try a cushion or an apron for all the festive cooking you might be doing! Make your christmas presents this year – handmade presents are always the best! Up-cycling is the way forward – helps to save the planet and all that fandando!




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