The Weather Outside is Frightful, But Their Gifts and Treats are Delightful…and Bizarre!

Let me introduce you to FUUDhood and welcome you to the reinvention of headwear. It may look like you are being attacked by a crazy parrot, but on a cold day a FUUDhood could be your bestest friend! On the slopes, at a festival or just trudging towards the dreaded office, a FUUDhood could keep you warm and make you look a little crazy…in a good way of course!


Even when the elements are doing all they can to ruin your day and a hoodies just not ‘kicking it’, FUUDhoods let you look ‘fresh’ whilst caring for your crown. They’re your perfect friend, complementing any outfit they’ll protect you from the rain or be your pillow on the train…


If a feathered headdress is not quite you style, why not try a classy vintage knit hood instead? They have a large collection that caters for all needs and desires. They make a great stocking filler this christmas, whilst being both practical and stylish! And, if you are more in to headbands, rather than hats and hoods, then try out a retro headband instead…people may think you are wearing fancy dress, but at least you’ll never be accused of looking boring!

Cartoon head band-700x700

Join the FUUDhood revolution by making sure your head is never cold and lonely again…

Moving on from head decoration and on to what looks like Will Smith’s wardrobe on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Fresh Prince eat your heart out with these 80’s inspired cotton jersey drawstring jogging bottoms.

Green pants 2-700x700

Black white band 3-700x700

The fabric prints are taken straight out of the 80’s and are here to help you party this season! You can either have the jogging bottom or you could go for a winter onsie…



The perfect Apres accessory, these onsies are a far cry from the cheap Primark version you see littering the high street. A waterproof coating makes them a perfectly viable spring skiing outfit. Although they do make going to the toilet a little tricky, the post apres stumble back to the chalet has never been so warm and comfortable when dressed in a waterproof adult size baby-grow! And, if you’re not lucky enough to be heading out on a season, do not think for a minute that there is no point in getting a onsie – they are the perfect outfit for opening christmas presents in, or the perfect christmas present to be opened on christmas morning!


All of these items are handmade in London and completely unique to FUUD. Treat yourself and others at:


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