Christmas Scandal – Mr Frosty is a cross dresser!!

We live in a society where only the most shocking of events and stories generate press and attention, good or bad. So, when I was out doing a spot a of christmas shopping last week and I saw Frosty the Snowman, one of the most iconic christmas pin ups, dressed as a woman, I knew this had to be shared. I always wondered what old Frosty got up to at night. His cousin, Mr Snowman, is the kind member of the family – we’ve all seen him take the little boy ‘flying through the air’. But, Frosty has a bit of a reputation of being a party boy. And, now I know – Frosty the Snowman likes to dress up as a woman, and he looks FANTASTIC! When you’re only given a carrot for a nose and a couple of accessories to dress yourself in, a complete gender change is a tricky affair. But, I’m loving the blusher and the dental floss underwear! I’d love to be at that christmas party, beats organised fun and shitty office banter for sure! When/ if it snows this year I would like everyone to make a ‘Felicity Frosty’ as a tribute…



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