Wizard Tour Assemble – Komono Watches are the new wand!

Komonism: ”In a multicolored world we are all Komonists. Digging deep into the past to bring you a brighter future: we offer you a great escape from daily routine, into a higher state of consciousness and style. We inject color into a grey world. Our world of retro-futuristic accessories will tickle your senses. No Brave New World, no Big Brother, no mass production dystopia.

In the Komono Universe, all men and women are equal. We take fashion to the streets and culture to the clubs. We put the sex back into unisex. Cosmic colors and stellar styles come together in an individual and wearable collection for every person out there. Looking good was never this easy.
Komonism knows no constraints, no rules, no targets. Live and prosper in total freedom and happiness.
We Are Komono. Are You?”


I have found the perfect pieces of arm candy, and you don’t even have to talk to them and take them out to dinner! The Komono Wizard Print series of watches not only has a fabulous name, but also have really amazing fabrics and design that transforms ordinary watch wearing in to a magical experience (excuse the pun). You could look down at your wrist and see a melange of autumnal colours and leaves with the Autumn Leaf, or tell someone the time from the middle of a Hawaiian Sunset. Move over Harry Potter, the Komono Wizard tour has arrived.



We’ve seen camouflage come in to it’s own this season, so be fashion forward with this winter’s hottest print in accessory form.


Navajo has also been a major print player in the fashion game this summer and it has continued in to winter.1346406302_W_PRINT__navajo

There are plenty more designs on the Komono website, with equally as fabulous names! If you fancy something a little plainer then try the Money Penny collection. Or if you are more of  digital player rather than analog, then give the Galatic collection a glance. The Magnus collection is more masculine and the Parrot takes you even further in to the future…so far they may not even have the concept of time where those watches come from.

The website also has a great feature that allows you take a photo of your arm and actually puts a watch on your wrist – virtual ‘try before you buy’ – told you it was magical!

I am Komono – Are you?

Visit : www.wearekomono.com for the full range, but selected watches can also be found in Urban Outfitters.


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