I’m Seeing Prism’s…

Picture the scene – the sky is blue, the sun is shining and there is a cold beer in your hand – it’s Apres-o-clock. You look around at all the people squinting at you or wearing their goggles to shield their eyes from the sun, and you sit back with a smug smile as your vision is perfect thanks to Prism eyewear. Not only can you see clearly, but you look stylish in the process – double smug points.

(Unisex Byron Bay Sunglasses – inspired by the Australian surf town – £256)

PRISM glasses were designed by creative director and founder Anna Laub as an accessory, not simply a functional product. As a fashion editor and glasses wearer herself, she felt they were just as important an accessory as any other – yet even more immediately visible than say a new pair of shoes or a bag.

(Unisex Tokyo Matte Acetate Dark Tortoise Shell – inspired by the futuristic city – £245)

PRISM glasses are aimed at anyone who has an interest in the aesthetic – who is obsessed with detail but doesn’t want to lose on functionality. People that are understated, fashionable, yet measured and considered about every thing they wear or surround themselves with – male or female. And PRISM glasses are for any age – great style has no age limit.

(Berlin Woman’s Combination Matte Black Metal and Cream Tortoiseshell – £305)

The frames are carved out of blocks of acetate and finished by hand at a family-run factory in the North Eastern region of Italy, where glasses-making originated from. The line is also produced in very limited numbers, so owners are one of very few. And even the case that the glasses come in, stands apart from anything else on the market. The styles are named after cities they were inspired by – from Rio to New York.

(Unisex Paris Cream Tortoiseshell – inspired by the coquettish style of the city – £249)

(Unisex Rio Dark Tortoise Shell – inspired by the sexy vibe of the beach town – £249)

Although these sunglasses are a touch on the pricey side you are paying for quality and style. Look at it as an investment – a good pair of sunglasses not only finishes an outfit, but get the right pair and they will transfer seamlessly from winter through to summer. Think about how many ‘cheap’ pairs you’ve bought in the past that are either broken, damaged or lost because you didn’t look after them properly…add them all up and you probably could have bought one very stylish pair of Prism glasses that you will no doubt be complimented on a number of times. Unique in design and exclusivity, with a cool inspirational story behind each pair, Prism is a brand that is not only cool to wear but to talk about…look good and have some interesting apres chat.

Prism also does some really trendy swimwear to go alongside their sunglasses. As the snow melts and you find sunning yourself on the balcony or on the side of piste more appealing hitting the slush, you may as well look good and get a tan at the same time! Prism do some great two pieces or swimming costumes with a retro feel to them.

Shop the Prism Collection at: www.prismlondon.com


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