In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Indulge in some solar system fantasies (not the one’s with Buzz Lightyear in ), but with Hype clothing’s range of galaxy themed tee’s, sweatshirts and hats. Hype is a young and inspiring U.K brand that has swiftly been on the rise. Their playful range is full of bright and crazy patterns. No one would miss you on the mountains if you were sporting some of their apparel!

And if you’re not in to the ‘space-man’ theme why not try out their very own version of a Hawaiian shirt:

I dare anyone to say that they are having a miserable day when they’re wearing the Hype Hawaii shirt! It makes me want to sit in a tiki hut and drink pinacoladas alllll day long (any maybe get caught in the rain!?)

Hype also have the greatest hat collection I have seen in a long time. If you’re looking for something to make you stand out from the crowd or just hide an awful haircut get yourself over to Hype clothing.

Hats off to Hype for a fantastic range this season. Reasonably priced (£22.99 for a tee and £39.99 for a sweatshirt), these custom made clothes are not to be missed. Shop the whole collection at:

Hope to see you all sporting some Hype on the slopes this winter!


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