Angel Delight – a little pre-christmas diet inspiration!

I sat down yesterday morning to read The Sunday Time, have a cup of coffee and indulge in my first mince pie of the season. As I lifted the mince pie towards my lips for that first delicious bite, my eyes caught sight of the front cover of Style Magazine and that mince pie was swiftly put back in it’s little tin foil coat. If you are in need of any inspiration for a quick pre-seson/ pre-christmas diet, then Style Magazine is the place to go. Standing in her fabulous almost naked glory is one of the Victoria Secret Angels. Turning to page 18 to see the 3 page spread of Angel Delight, that mince pie had never seemed such a bad idea.

The annual event has grown enormously since it’s first debut at the New York Plaza Hotel in 1995. The Victoria Secret circus which has travelled to Miami, LA and Cannes has become a year-round production that employs more than a 1,000 people and costs an estimated £7.5 million to stage!!

Whilst many people tune in to the photographs and the ‘best bits’ video aired on 6th December for the half naked beautiful women, the actual fashion shouldn’t be forgotten. All of the shoes this year were designed by Nicholas Kirkwood. The elaborate costumes are outrageous and decadent, completely impractical and utterly fabulous.

Where else could 28 pairs of wings be worn,  50 bottles of fragranced body lotion used and 1 million Swarovski crystals sewn on to costumes (the Swarovski christmas bonuses had to come from somewhere). Alessandra Ambrosio walked in the £1.6 million diamond encrusted Floral Fantasy Bra.

The English girls involved were Lily Donaldson, Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevinge. Cara described the whole event as being like the ‘Olympics of modelling’ and Razek who casts the describes himself as ‘more like a pro-sports coach than anything else.’ Personally, I don’t think you could be further from a smelly sports changing room backstage in the ‘glitter tent’ if you tried!

It is undeniable the amount of work these girls put in before the show (although Delevinge claims to be the anomaly surviving on McDonalds and pizza throughout her busy schedule) to allow them to look like this. Even the hair gets a dress rehearsal 2 days before the actual show. The Victoria Secret look is described as being ‘like the girl next door, but when she just got out of bed. Our girls are healthy girls, it’s a wholesome message.’ And it’s a message received well and beautifully clear. These girls look fantastic, athletic and at the peak of fitness. The whole atmosphere surrounding the production is both fun and sexy – a little mix of both – the perfect concoction!

So, just before we all begin the free fall in to over indulgence pin a few of these snaps on to your fridge and get your arse to the gym so you can look just as fantastic in your cocktail dress or leather skinny jeans!


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