You Decide Who You Are

‘You decide who you are’ sounds very much like a line a life coach would say, or the closing line of a graduation speech. However, it is in fact the name of a new fashion brand out of Austria. Normally I don’t like ‘slogan’ brands or statements printed on t-shirts or sweatshirts, but I have to say this brand has won me over (momentarily). It could be because they have used a dreamcatcher as one of their designs and I am an absolute sucker for feathers – feather jewellery, feather hair extensions…i really do love a good feather.

Although it was the dreamcatcher that drew me in, a closer look at the rest of their collection left me liking the ‘you decide who you are’ slogan. The abbreviated font is stylish and eye catching, and the other graphics are bang on trend with crosses and mountains.




If you like the look of ‘You Decide Who You Are’ you can buy their very reasonably priced collection at:

And ‘Like’ their facebook page so you know when they do fantastic deals and give aways (they have 40% off until midnight tonight – the code is on the FB page)


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