The Voice of Vapour- an independent street brand with an artistic edge

Vapour Clothing started back in 2009 and has only grown in strength since then. Independent and proud of it – a brand that is for the people by the people. The founders all come from a design background, many of the designs are like a work of art. I’m so bored of seeing similar prints all over the high street, Vapour instead offers unusual clean cut prints and graphics that are easy on the eye and effortlessly cool.

The sweatshirts with the image of mountains is a favourite of mine, it reminds me of old school resort sweatshirts or vintage ski posters. The attention to detail is really refreshing, even the labels have their logo sewn on to them. In fact, the labels are so good that on some of the garments they are sewn on to the outside!

Perfect Packaging…

The variety their collection offers is great, some designs have a retro vintage feel and others a more graphic urban edge. Vapour is perfect for those of you are looking from some special pieces that are unique and original. It is not only in graphic design that Vapour offers variety, try their tailored range for some great striped pieces and sweatshirts. Another great feature to their website is the ‘Custom Beanie Design Studio’. It offers the perfect opportunity to not only get a bespoke beanie but provides the chance to get your own creative juices flowing!

Creative, artistic and original – a winning combination. Visit


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