Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who’s the most Stylish of Them All?

Party season is upon us and it’s essential that we all look fabulous. This season it’s not about recycling the cocktail dresses that you drag out year after year for their annual outing. Mix it up a little over christmas, don’t wait for New Years resolutions to try something new. Embrace sequins and metallics to glitz up a casual outfit to have an air of looking effortlessly cool, or try out a shorts and jackets combo to channel party tailoring. And don’t forget a statement accessory where necessary! But most of all just have fun with it – when else do we have an excuse to cover ourselves in sequins?!

There is no need to buy a whole new outfit – dress up a casual tee with a fabulous skirt or an OTT necklace.


Bored of skirts and dresses? Try leather shorts, but remember if you’re going short on the bottoms keep your neckline high up top!


Never underestimate the power of a tailored jacket – add a dash of sparkle to your leather shorts…

Heavy metal – play with different metallic fabrics this season. Have fun with textures, there are some fantastic brocades out there or try some shiny metallic. And don’t be afraid to double up on top – metal on metal or sequin on metal! Go to http://www.elleuk.com/fashion/what-to-wear/metallic-skirts for 6 of the best metallic skirts. 

Colour pop – just because it’s winter it does not mean that we can’t wear colour. Don’t be boring this party season, be the one to stand out in the crowd.




Don’t forget some decoration – it’s not just the christmas tree and the Queen that should be dripping in jewels!


Finish off your look with a fabulous handbag – a leather and gold combo if my favourite by far, it transfers seamlessly from day to night.



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