I’ll Have a Retro on the Rocks with a Slice of Dos Clothing…


Bored of the high street? Fed up of seeing Topshop lurking on every street corner? Yeah, me too…

Dos Clothing offers a cheeky alternative to the high street – add a slice of retro to your wardrobe with their unique designs. Whilst some of us may have original vintage items from our parents ‘wild and crazy’ youth, others may not be so lucky. The sweatshirts and t-shirts have just the right twist of the pastel pallet of the 80’s and 90’s – they make me wish i’d been a member of the 1889 cycle team or a part of the ’93 volleyball crowd on venice beach…maybe in a previous life i was!

Head over to http://www.dosclothing.co.uk/ to get some Dos Clothing stash. I will most definitely be donning a ‘Off  Pieste Club’ sweatshirt in Tignes this season and perhaps a ‘Dos Sport 1984’ original. I’m looking forward to some Dos Clothing apres sessions…



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