Be a cool kid and wear a lid…

Essential travel have implemented a UK industry first – No helmet, no insurance. Research has revealed that 77% of skiers and snowboarders wear helmets on the hill. A further 73% feel that they should be rewarded for this decision by paying lower travel insurance.

Essential Travel are lowering their premium by 15% across the board – it is not that those who wear a helmet will get cheaper insurance, they simply refuse to cover anyone not wearing a helmet.

If you are part of that percentage that always rides with a helmet then your pocket may benefit from this deal. However, the chances are that Essential Travel will be the ones saving money in the end by using the ‘no helmet’ small print to refuse to cover many people.

As the compulsion to wear helmets grows in many snowparks,  particularly in North America , it is all the more important to get yourself a stylish one! I would never promote style over safety but I most definitely suggest stylish safety! Whether you are in the park, on the pieste or skiing the back country – be a cool kid and wear a lid…




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